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YUMMY is a tribute to all the good, visualized with toast full of positive words.

美味しい = おいしい = OISHII = DELICIOUS As well as positive Japanese ZEN: 日日是好日 = nichi nichi kore kōnichi = every day is a good day.


Plakaten er offset-trykt på 190 g mat papir hos bogtrykker i København.

Leveres uden ramme.


The price includes delivery in Denmark.

We also ship to the rest of the world. EU and US + DKK 50
Rest of the world + DKK 200


Frames are made of solid wood with a depth of approx. 15 mm from the wall - with the exception of the variant of brass which is a gilded aluminum frame.

The frame is mounted with real glass - except for the size 70 x 100 cm, which is instead mounted with acrylic glass.

The motif is printed as ART PRINT and mounted in the frame - the work is simply delivered ready for hanging.

Be aware that the relationship between frame and motif will be felt differently in dimensions other than shown.