Ramsø is a series of works that show well-known brands' graphic expressions. The brand name has been replaced with the artist's name in the same colors and graphic style

ChatGPT about the works:

The series of Ramsø works explores the relationship between people and brands by replacing the original brand's name with the artist's name in the same graphic style and colors. This creates the illusion that the artist is a monopolized brand that can produce and distribute all existing products.

The concept challenges our perception of how brands influence our identity and consumption habits. By replacing the name of a trademark with another name, but still retaining the graphic expression, the artist shows that the name of the trademark objectively has no meaning when it comes to identifying a brand.

The Ramsø series can thus be seen as a critique of the power that brands have over our perception of the world, and a reminder that it is our own perception and consumption behavior that creates meaning around these brands.

Originally 9 paintings were created for the exhibition Ramsø at café Krasnapolsky in Copenhagen in 1992. The exhibition was curated by fellow student Olafur Elisson. Since then, several trademarks have been manipulated and the series of works is continuously getting bigger. The prints in this collection is reproductions of the originals.