PLOXX poster is run by visual artist Christian Ramsø.

The name PLOXX is a word that is not defined in itself. It might be the words plakat (poster in danish), poster and a few unknown x's mixed together to give the impression of a multilinguistic universe. It might come from the surname of visual artist and collaborator Anne Marie Ploug. It might be the name of an as yet unknown worldwide phenomenon. Or something completely different.

Here in the PLOXX shop the ambition is to convey creative projects in the form of posters, original works and related designs. Some have artistic impetus, others are communicative design and all focus on conceptual and aesthetic value.


I graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts back in the 90s with a Master of Fine Arts. As a student, I worked mainly with painting and graphic printing, and was a pioneer at the Academy of Fine Arts with digital graphic experiments. Like now, I was interested in the media's means of action and used - and stole - from companies' graphic expressions. Thus a form of mirroring of familiar images emerged from everyday life which I transformed into alternate versions of themselves.

My mantra for developing creative concepts was "Who Needs Reality" – a quote I had from Bart Simpson. The idea that I was working with, and questioning, the concept of reality and quoting a virtual figure felt perfect. For me, the question is a point which has become more and more topical since then. Namely, the fact that over time it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish true from fake, but that we as individuals do not necessarily need one truth. Therefore, the mantra remains the same and acts as a common denominator for all the projects in my artistic work.

As a visual artist, I have exhibited several times at Kunsthal Charlottenborg and in art galleries – even in Paris. And I was in good company, friends and colleagues included Anne Marie Ploug, John Kørner, Knud Romer, Tal R, Kirstine Roepstorff, Lars Grenaae, Claus Handgaard, Rasmus Eckhardt, Jens Haaning and Olafur Eliasson. The latter curated me to exhibit at legendary Krasnapolsky in Copenhagen and here I came up with using my own surname instead of the original names in well-known trademarks. The paintings caused a lot of trouble and thus did exactly what I wanted - created attention.

After the Academy of Fine Arts and graduate exhibition at the Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, I was enticed by the advertising industry, where I worked for the next several years. I was now Art Director and later, with a fancy title, Final Art Director. The colleagues were skilled business-tie types and advertising graduates who, in addition to the free creative process I was used to, taught me about communication and production.

Since the mid-00s I have worked independently with both art, advertising and design. This has led me to a number of collaborations with other artists, concrete tasks for companies and not least own creative projects of various kinds.

I am open to collaborations, assignments and exhibitions. Write to me. Please see projects in different contexts here:

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Christian Ramso