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There are 92 naturally occurring elements on Earth and 26 artificial ones so far. Chemical terms and formulas are the same across all languages in the world and thus uniquely universal.


The periodic table is an overview of all the elements that exist, here divided into categories according to what shape they have as an element. This design shows the overview in an alternative layout, with the elements' names in both English and Danish. The number and weight of the element are also given according to the latest information from the Royal Society of Chemistry in London.


Art print on high quality matte paper (230g) with a light, fine-grained surface texture. The motif is sharp and vibrant with great density and vibrant colors. The posters are of the same quality as you can find at art museums and the like.

The motifs fit frames in standard sizes.


Frames are made of solid wood with a depth of approx. 15 mm from the wall - with the exception of the variant of brass which is a gilded aluminum frame.

The frame is mounted with real glass - except for the size 70 x 100 cm, which is instead mounted with acrylic glass.

The motif is printed as ART PRINT and mounted in the frame - the work is simply delivered ready for hanging.

Be aware that the relationship between frame and motif will be felt differently in dimensions other than shown.


The price includes delivery in Denmark.

We also ship to the rest of the world. EU and US + DKK 50
Rest of the world + DKK 200